Shed Base & Access Requirements

Shed Base

Customers must ensure suitable base and access conditions

It is very important that our customers ensure the adequacy of both the base and the access. The successful installation and durability of your building are largely contingent on it being placed on a flat, stable, and level area that is sufficiently large to contain the footprint of the new structure.

Any deviation from a level surface could lead to substantial difficulties during assembly and compromise the lifespan of your building.

Additionally, a minimum clearance of 12 inches (300mm) around the base is essential to accommodate the roof overhangs and facilitate waterproofing.

Base Requirements

The shed floors at Ilkeston Sheds operate on a joist and beam system and necessitate a completely level and flat solid base. The base should be either the exact size of the building or slightly larger.

Potential suitable base options include: Correctly installed flagstones covering the full area or a flat, level concrete base.

Access Requirements For Installation

To ensure a smooth installation, we require easy access to the designated position for your shed, often situated in the rear garden.

Typically we will access via a rear or side gate. It’s important to check that there are no obstructions when ordering a shed, with no overhead restrictions.

Unfortunately, we are unable to transport a shed through a customer’s house or garage.

We construct the shed walls at our own premises before delivering them to the customer’s site for installation

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